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Theme Park Virtual Reality (VR) yang Pertama di Indonesia



Geeknews.idVirtual Reality (VR) atau realitas maya adalah teknologi yang membuat pengguna dapat berinteraksi dalam suatu lingkungan yang disimulasikan komputer dari berbagai macam konten maya maupun nyata.

Kovee Jaya Indonesia adalah perusahaan pertama yang membuat suatu tempat bermain dan belajar Virtual Reality terbesar dan pertama kalinya di Indonesia. Kovee Jaya Indonesia tentunya bekerjasama dengan beerapa perusahaan – perusahaan broadcast, konten dan graphics ternama di Korea. Yang diantaranya, Temato Production, Macro Graph, KBS (Korean Broadcasting system) dan Kovra (Korea VR AR Industry Association).

Kovee VR juga mempunyai berbagai macam hiburan, diantaranya : K-Culture, dimana kalian bias berfoto selfie dengan menggunakan Hanbok (Baju Tradisional Korea), K-POP & K-Game yang mutakhir dikalangan milenial tentunya semua konten berasal dari Korea. Dan tidak lupa juga di dalam Kovee VR Theme Park kalian bias menba berbagai macam makanan korea dari Teokpokki sampai Ramyeon di F&B kami. (KOVEE : Korea Vr Entertainment & Ed-tech).

Kovee VR Theme Park menawarkan berbagai macam konten hiburan, Edukasi dan Teknologi di dalamnya. Kovee VR Theme Park sendiri memiliki hampir ratusan konten korea yang menarik untuk dinikmati. Dalam K-game yang paling menyenangkan dan terkenal adalah Mortal blitz, Beat Saber, Vrakers, dan masih banyak lagi.

Salah satu konten game terbaik korea yaitu Mortal Blitz, dalam konten ini pemain akan menggunakan VR lengkap dengan peralatan sarung tangan sensor, tas backpack PC & tentunya senjata otomatis, di permainan ini anda harus ebrjalan sambal membunuh para alien yang menyerang planet tempat kediaman anda menuju tempat aman di mana teman-teman anda berada.

Di K-Culture, kita mempunyai VR karaoke duets, di konten ini kita bias bernyanyi bersama dengan artis penyanyi korea tepat berhadapan langsung dengan menyanyikan lagu-lagu yang pasti membuat anda tersipu-sipu bahagia.

Di Edukasi, kami Kovee VR memiliki banyak konten yang menarik diantaranya kami punya miniforce. Di mana pemain/anak-anak dapat beredukasi dalam memecahkan solusi di saat situasi dalam keadaan darurat atau bencana alam sekalipun. Dan di Teknologi tentunya VR itu sendiri, VR – Virtual Reality atau Realitas maya adalah teknologi yang membuat pengguna dapat berinteraksi dengan suatu lingkungan yang disimulasikan komputer dari berbagai macam konten maya maupun nyata.

Kovee VR Theme Park berlokasi di satu Mall terkemukan di Jakarta. Yaitu, Neo Soho Mall tepatnya di lantai 2, bersebelahan dengan Mall Central Park, membuat Neo Soho Mall menjadi mall yang paling progresif, di mana pengunjung setiap harinya semakin terus meningkat.

Untuk harga permainan yang ditawarkan Kovee Virtual Reality Theme Park bervariasi, yang pastinya target kami semua kalangan masyarakat Indonesia agar dapat merasakan pengalaman baru yang menarik dalam dunia Virtual Reality.

Untuk paket para pelajar tentunya Kovee Virtyal Reality memberikan promo-promo yang luar biasa terjangkau, tentunya semua kalangan dari anak-anak Kindergarten sampai remaja perkuliahan. Diantaranya promo tersebut kami ada yang Namanya promo Group School/Collage dengan membeli kartu member minimal untuk 30-50 orang maka kami akan memberikan Special rate/Harga khusus.

Di lain itu belum lagi adanya promo hari raya atau h ari besar, dalam promo ini kami akan memberikan potongan sampai dengan 20% – 50%. Dan tentu saja masih banyak lagi promo-promo menarik lainnya.

Kovee Virtual Reality Theme Park juga masih memerlukan dukungan untuk kerjasama dari berbagai pihak perusahaan-perusahaan besar untuk kemajuan teknologi Virtual Reality di Indonesia menjadi semakin baik. Salah satunya kami masih membuka peluang u ntuk berbisnis maupun sponsorship pada Kovee Virtual Reality Theme Park.

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Night city and bridge best photography



It seemed to me that the pit had been enlarged, and ever and again puffs of vivid green vapour streamed up and out of it towards the brightening dawn–streamed up, whirled, broke, and vanished.

In a few minutes there was, so far as the soldier could see, not a living thing left upon the common, and every bush and tree upon it that was not already a blackened skeleton was burning. The hussars had been on the road beyond the curvature of the ground, and he saw nothing of them. He heard the Martians rattle for a time and then become still. The giant saved Woking station and its cluster of houses until the last; then in a moment the Heat-Ray was brought to bear, and the town became a heap of fiery ruins. Then the Thing shut off the Heat-Ray, and turning its back upon the artilleryman, began to waddle away towards the smouldering pine woods that sheltered the second cylinder. As it did so a second glittering Titan built itself up out of the pit.

Night city and bridge best photography
Night City

The second monster followed the first, and at that the artilleryman began to crawl very cautiously across the hot heather ash towards Horsell. He managed to get alive into the ditch by the side of the road, and so escaped to Woking. There his story became ejaculatory. The place was impassable. It seems there were a few people alive there, frantic for the most part and many burned and scalded. He was turned aside by the fire, and hid among some almost scorching heaps of broken wall as one of the Martian giants returned. He saw this one pursue a man, catch him up in one of its steely tentacles, and knock his head against the trunk of a pine tree. At last, after nightfall, the artilleryman made a rush for it and got over the railway embankment.

Since then he had been skulking along towards Maybury, in the hope of getting out of danger Londonward. People were hiding in trenches and cellars, and many of the survivors had made off towards Woking village and Send. He had been consumed with thirst until he found one of the water mains near the railway arch smashed, and the water bubbling out like a spring upon the road.

That was the story I got from him, bit by bit. He grew calmer telling me and trying to make me see the things he had seen. He had eaten no food since midday, he told me early in his narrative, and I found some mutton and bread in the pantry and brought it into the room. We lit no lamp for fear of attracting the Martians, and ever and again our hands would touch upon bread or meat. As he talked, things about us came darkly out of the darkness, and the trampled bushes and broken rose trees outside the window grew distinct. It would seem that a number of men or animals had rushed across the lawn. I began to see his face, blackened and haggard, as no doubt mine was also.

Since then he had been skulking along towards Maybury

When we had finished eating we went softly upstairs to my study, and I looked again out of the open window. In one night the valley had become a valley of ashes. The fires had dwindled now. Where flames had been there were now streamers of smoke; but the countless ruins of shattered and gutted houses and blasted and blackened trees that the night had hidden stood out now gaunt and terrible in the pitiless light of dawn. Yet here and there some object had had the luck to escape–a white railway signal here, the end of a greenhouse there, white and fresh amid the wreckage. Never before in the history of warfare had destruction been so indiscriminate and so universal. And shining with the growing light of the east, three of the metallic giants stood about the pit, their cowls rotating as though they were surveying the desolation they had made.

Beyond were the pillars of fire about Chobham. They became pillars of bloodshot smoke at the first touch of day.

As the dawn grew brighter we withdrew from the window from which we had watched the Martians, and went very quietly downstairs.

The enormous broad tires of the chariots and the padded feet of the animals brought forth no sound from the moss-covered sea bottom; and so we moved in utter silence, like some huge phantasmagoria, except when the stillness was broken by the guttural growling of a goaded zitidar, or the squealing of fighting thoats. The green Martians converse but little, and then usually in monosyllables, low and like the faint rumbling of distant thunder.

We traversed a trackless waste of moss which, bending to the pressure of broad tire or padded foot, rose up again behind us, leaving no sign that we had passed. We might indeed have been the wraiths of the departed dead upon the dead sea of that dying planet for all the sound or sign we made in passing. It was the first march of a large body of men and animals I had ever witnessed which raised no dust and left no spoor; for there is no dust upon Mars except in the cultivated districts during the winter months, and even then the absence of high winds renders it almost unnoticeable.

We camped that night at the foot of the hills we had been approaching for two days and which marked the southern boundary of this particular sea. Our animals had been two days without drink, nor had they had water for nearly two months, not since shortly after leaving Thark; but, as Tars Tarkas explained to me, they require but little and can live almost indefinitely upon the moss which covers Barsoom, and which, he told me, holds in its tiny stems sufficient moisture to meet the limited demands of the animals.

After partaking of my evening meal of cheese-like food and vegetable milk I sought out Sola, whom I found working by the light of a torch upon some of Tars Tarkas’ trappings.[right-post] She looked up at my approach, her face lighting with pleasure and with welcome.

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City Breaks – Ride to Amsterdam



Nor, at any time, by night or day could the mariners now step upon the deck, unless Ahab was before them; either standing in his pivot-hole, or exactly pacing the planks between two undeviating limits,—the main-mast and the mizen; or else they saw him standing in the cabin-scuttle,—his living foot advanced upon the deck, as if to step; his hat slouched heavily over his eyes; so that however motionless he stood, however the days and nights were added on, that he had not swung in his hammock; yet hidden beneath that slouching hat, they could never tell unerringly whether, for all this, his eyes were really closed at times; or whether he was still intently scanning them; no matter, though he stood so in the scuttle for a whole hour on the stretch, and the unheeded night-damp gathered in beads of dew upon that stone-carved coat and hat. The clothes that the night had wet, the next day’s sunshine dried upon him; and so, day after day, and night after night; he went no more beneath the planks; whatever he wanted from the cabin that thing he sent for.

He ate in the same open air; that is, his two only meals,—breakfast and dinner: supper he never touched; nor reaped his beard; which darkly grew all gnarled, as unearthed roots of trees blown over, which still grow idly on at naked base, though perished in the upper verdure. But though his whole life was now become one watch on deck; and though the Parsee’s mystic watch was without intermission as his own; yet these two never seemed to speak—one man to the other—unless at long intervals some passing unmomentous matter made it necessary. Though such a potent spell seemed secretly to join the twain; openly, and to the awe-struck crew, they seemed pole-like asunder. If by day they chanced to speak one word; by night, dumb men were both, so far as concerned the slightest verbal interchange. At times, for longest hours, without a single hail, they stood far parted in the starlight; Ahab in his scuttle, the Parsee by the mainmast; but still fixedly gazing upon each other; as if in the Parsee Ahab saw his forethrown shadow, in Ahab the Parsee his abandoned substance.

And yet, somehow, did Ahab—in his own proper self, as daily, hourly, and every instant, commandingly revealed to his subordinates,—Ahab seemed an independent lord; the Parsee but his slave. Still again both seemed yoked together, and an unseen tyrant driving them; the lean shade siding the solid rib. For be this Parsee what he may, all rib and keel was solid Ahab.
At the first faintest glimmering of the dawn, his iron voice was heard from aft,—”Man the mast-heads!”—and all through the day, till after sunset and after twilight, the same voice every hour, at the striking of the helmsman’s bell, was heard—”What d’ye see?—sharp! sharp!”
But when three or four days had slided by, after meeting the children-seeking Rachel; and no spout had yet been seen; the monomaniac old man seemed distrustful of his crew’s fidelity; at least, of nearly all except the Pagan harpooneers; he seemed to doubt, even, whether Stubb and Flask might not willingly overlook the sight he sought. But if these suspicions were really his, he sagaciously refrained from verbally expressing them, however his actions might seem to hint them.

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